Lito Kattou

2016, Feb–

DST : Session 1

collaboration with Margarita Athanasiou

digital embroidery on textile, copper rail, digital printed sticker

a show for Fokidos, Athens

feb 2016


Next project: → Sunshine Curves

Previous project: ← Vol.1 Solar Love for the Rapid Felines

DST : Session 1
DST : Session 1
DST : Session 1
DST : Session 1
DST : Session 1
DST : Session 1
DST : Session 1
DST : Session 1
DST : Session 1
DST : Session 1
DST : Session 1
DST : Session 1
DST : Session 1
DST : Session 1
Print digital designs for kaftans 1 & 2
DST : Session 1
DST : Session 1
DST : Session 1

The king is dead
It was the dead of the night. The whole city slept. She tiptoed out of the wedding chamber, trying hard not to let her jewellery tinkle. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she recognized the woman sleeping in the bed, it was the tall queen with kind eyes who had given her the leaf shaped box with black charcoal for her eyes. What? asked Simani half asleep. She spoke but no words left her lips. Her eyes wider. What happened?

Although she was given her own courtyard with a pond attached to it, Kesini preferred staying with Simani. Braiding her hair, bedecking her with jewels and cooking food for her.But are we not four?

Five years
On the walls were paintings of lions standing proud on elephants. The elephant represented a rich and fertile kingdom the lion represented its king, lord and master. His thick long wavy hair extended right down to his hip.
A gentle breeze, she is chewing a rich mix of herbs and nuts wrapped in a betel leaf. It made her lips red and her mouth fragrant.
A gentle breeze blew out the lamp. Yuvanasha kissed Simani. His tongue sought entry into her mouth. She parted her lips. Let him probe her, explore her. She spread herself like the earth and welcomed him as if he was the rain. He slipped in effortlessly.

Selfish crows
Now he has entered the final phase of his life without even waiting for his great grandson to be conceived. This is not good.
“Don’t be so dramatic”
Everyone looked at her. She belonged on the throne. The young sixteen – year old.
“Five years is not a long time. Let us be patient”
Five years was a very long time.
A loss of over sixty opportunities to be reborn.
“How dare you say such a thing”

Object of pleasure
I eat no spices and drink buttermilk to cool my body. One look at our prince and your princess will remove all the jewellery herself. Two types of anklets, two types of bracelets, two types of armlets, rings for all ten fingers, three types of necklaces. He gasped. She stopped. He looked at her.

The corner room
Looking out from the only window in the room.

The king is dead
He looked into my eyes. And I looked into his. He did not blink. So I did not blink. Then I got bored of staring so I twirled his moustache. He looked at me strangely. ”What do you want to know?”

The invitation
Yes we will.

The ceremony
A night. A golden glow of the fire spread itself like a parasol over the city.

The sun rose. A man ran into the city shouting ‘It is over. The war is over’
Only the king can judge.

The sentence
There was hesitation in his voice but the tone was razor sharp.

The lump kept growing in size. Simani kept visiting the palace. He embraced her passionately. That day the sun rose late.’We do not know. No one who had ever heard this story had asked this question’ The shrine of the fever goddess stood outside the city next to the lake under a neem tree.

No one turns up
Though gates were decorated with flower garlands

The rains came on time and left on time.
Fields and pastures burst once again. Rivers are full.
What should I tell? Truth escapes my tongue, defies the structure of language.
Lies, lies, lies she heard the tamarind tree shout from the corner room
The silence then weighed heavily.
“Say something” he said softly.
Nothing has changed. Let us leave this room and forget this conversation.